Fiery Fox learns;recycle,reuse and take rubbish home



Fiery fox learns; recycle reuse and take rubbish home is a great addition to add to your fiery fox collection. The rhyming story and beautiful illustrations bring the story alive as the fox family set out on an adventure through the woods. Fiery fox discovers ants climbing trees and clouds in the puddles along with a terrible mess left by visitors. As the fox family clean up they discover new friendships, provide rescues as well as learn about team work and what to do with the rubbish they find.

Just like the first book there is a look and find page that will send you back through the pages, helping you to discover many detailed illustrations you may have missed the first time. It also helps aid discussions about recycling, taking rubbish home and the effects it has on the animals. Hopefully it also inspires some new projects usingĀ  items in need of a new lease of life.

The grown up tips is designed to give ideas on ways in which adults can do their bit to help too.

This A4 book is ideal for sharing with groups of children or as a family. It’s outer cover is made with a soft laminate coating which gives it a longer life and makes it ideal for taking outside to share at forest school, with beaver and rainbow groups as well as on family holidays or snuggled up in bed.


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