Reviews and feed back

Fire fighter providing fire prevention/education programme says…

“I’ve read your book in schools that I have been to and the kids love it! I use it as an activity for my preschool and kindergarten program. My work collogue loves it too “

Forest school leaders…..

“This week at forest school the children have been interested in cooking and making things at the campfire. We also have a fabulous book called ‘Fiery Fox learns about fire safety’, which is another tool to help the children really understand fire and safety”

Catherine Cooke- 5 star review

“Brilliant book. Beautifully written and lovely illustrations. My three children loved it, I’m just starting up in my training to be a forest school leader and can’t wait to share it with others. I knew it was a must have with an important message about fire safety. Thank you “

Molly Wilson – 5 star review

“As a forest school leader I think this book is amazing ! Worth every penny spent. It’s a good size to read as a group and the pictures are beautiful! It’s fairly short and sweet, getting to the points of fire safety. Easy story for children to remember , I love it.”

Martha Wilkes-

I run a forest adventure program in, I got this book to help spark conversation about fire safety and fires with my little friends. Fiery fox is always in my back pack”


Bearcavelibrary, a teacher who reviews books..

I came across this book a few weeks ago and it made me think , I don’t recall reading many books on fire safety, even as a child, none of my story books mentioned this topic. As I browsed the authors website I could see how much thought and passion she had put into her story and so I ordered my copy. I’m so glad I did . First impressions when I received the book were “Wow! What beautiful illustrations”

My favourite books are those where you become lost in nature, Eli does not disappoint. The pages are filled with magical woodland scenes with incredible details that draw you in. Eli does an amazing job showing how calm and dreamy the woodland is under the moonlit sky on one page , to dangerous devastation when the fire strikes on the next.

The story teaches the importance of not playing with objects that could cause a fire and staying safe near open fires. It would make a perfect story to share with children at a forest school, how ever I believe all children would benefit from reading this story.

The use of rhyme in the story really captured the children’s attention . They knew when Fiery fox began playing with the lighter something terrible would happen, they were eager to find out if help would arrive.

The children also enjoyed reading fiery fox’s safety rules and completing the look and find page. As a parent I feel this story is a really effective way to reiterate the safety rules around the fire. I know next time we are toasting marshmallows my little ones will be thinking of Fiery fox and his safety rules. Thank you for writing such an important story Teresa”